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Green Deal

What’s your favourite colour? Red, Blue or Green?
At SYNERGY we know energy costs will continue to rise. For some of us, higher energy bills make us turn red! For others, who can’t afford to pay the rising fuel costs, they turn off the heating to ‘economise’, health suffers as a result and maybe, they turn blue! As fuel supplies becomes less certain and more expensive, something needs to be done! Why not go Green (Deal)?

What is the Green Deal?
The Government’s new Green Deal is their ‘flagship piece of legislation’ which will deliver energy efficiency to homes and businesses across the country. This nationwide scheme, expected to last until 2023 at least, is a major attempt to help private individuals and businesses to save energy (and therefore costs) and reduce our reliance as a country on ever more costly imports of gas and electricity. Up to now, many property owners, tenants and landlords have not installed energy saving measures to improve their properties due to the perceived costs involved. Under ‘The Green Deal’ you will now be able to undertake energy saving improvements to your property and not have to worry about the up-front cost but just as importantly, you can receive expert advice on how to manage your energy differently to save at little or no cost.

Andrew Morphet of Synergy Property Services Ltd was amongst the first to qualify as an Accredited Green Deal Advisor, under the strict regulations covering Green Deal and is pleased to be able to offer Green Deal Advice Reports for domestic and commercial properties immediately. His expert Green Deal consultation includes how to save energy now and often at little or no cost. if however you need it, he will also help explain about the Governments’ Green Deal Finance should you need help in financing any improvements.

Can I Get Green Deal Finance?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Anyone can apply for a Green Deal loan – landlords, tenants, owner occupiers. The process starts with a bespoke Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR), prepared by an Accredited Green Deal Advisor (GDA), specifically for the property and more importantly, taking into account how the property is used by the occupier. He will also help you find Green Deal finance providers and approved Green Deal installers.

The Green Deal’ scheme was launched in October 2012. ‘The Green Deal Finance Company’ has been established to help provide finance for energy saving work, but finance will also be available from other providers. If you obtain a Green Deal loan, the repayments will be made by a recharge on the electricity bill of the property. The ‘golden rule’, which will be applied in all cases, is that the instalment repayments should not exceed the energy savings on an average bill. That repayment charge stays with the property, not with the current occupier and passes to any new occupier/bill payer (who continues to enjoy the energy savings of the improvements you have made).

With bases in Manchester and Milton Keynes, we have easy access to the M60, M62, M6, and the M1 and carry out property services work throughout Cheshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Birmingham and the Midlands, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire.



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