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FAQ1 – What is included in an ESOS audit?


Industrial Processes


FAQ2 – Who does the audits?

FAQ3 – What has to be audited?

FAQ4 – Is there any Added Value?

You will have to pay for this service, so isn’t it better to get more for your money than mere compliance? Going beyond the mandatory requirements can provide your company with multiple benefits including:

The Government estimates that a typical ESOS audit will identify potential cost savings that are more than 13.5 times greater than the cost of the audit.

FAQ5 – Do I have to implement any recommendations?

Substantial savings can only be made by properly engaging with the energy reduction process. It’s not about the fastest way to tick the boxes – it’s about thinking past the audit to where the real savings are.

Organisations that choose not to implement any energy-saving measures will find the ESOS process both expensive and time-consuming. However, businesses that approach ESOS as an opportunity should reap significant financial rewards many times the size of initial investment.

As a result of the audit being carried out, you will be able to identify areas where energy savings can clearly be made. Synergy is able to help you implement these measures if you wish.

FAQ6 – Does ESOS affect the public sector?

No          – just private and third-sector organisations.

BUT        – if you are a large Academy school or University or another partly “publicly” funded organisation, if your funding is less than 50% from public funds, you may well qualify so check carefully.

FAQ7 – What if I’m part of a UK incorporated Group?

If any part of the Group must comply with ESOS, that means the whole Group must comply, including any SMEs the Group owns.

FAQ8 – What if I’m a franchisee?

Small franchisees are not likely to be affected by the scheme. Your franchiser will not be required to consider your operations in its audit. You will only be required to participate if you are a large enterprise as defined on page 1.

FAQ9 – How will I let the Environment Agency know I comply?

Your Lead Assessor should provide to you in your ESOS Compliance Report, a summary of the information you will need to complete your notification to the Environment Agency. Notification is then done on-line at:


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