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Winter is now officially upon us. Who knows what the weather might hold for us? It’s a bit late to be getting ready for winter, but on the basis of ‘better late than never’ here are a few tips that might help you keep warm & dry. Let’s start with the fabric of your home. […]


Yesterday the Government launched a brand new innovative home improvement scheme for all householders – the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) with up to £120m available this financial year. Under the GDHIF, householders have choice of 2 core offers Core Offer 1 – Up to £6000 for installing solid wall insulation; Core Offer 2 – […]

New Building Regulations Part L1A and L2A

The Part L1A and L2A Building Regulations 2013 came into force on 6th April 2014. Compliance will be a real challenge for designers and builders. We have prepared briefing notes to help understand and prepare for the higher standards that the new Regulations demand. You’ll have a lot of questions – we have most of the answers. If you are a […]

Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive launched today

The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) launched today is the world’s first long-term financial support programme for renewable heat, offering homeowners payments to offset the cost of installing low carbon systems in their properties. The scheme is open to everyone – home owners, social and private landlords, and people who build their own homes. It […]


According to NextGen today, 15% of our energy now comes from renewables – GREAT. This could rise “overnight” to 25-30% once we stop wasting so much!! Ed Davey – when are you going to make Green Deal work and start promoting energy saving? Forget Green Deal Finance, make ECO and Green Deal assessments number one priority. If […]

More cash-back for people carrying out Green Deal home improvements

Changes to the government’s Green Deal cash-back scheme have been announced, to help more households drive down fuel bills and reduce carbon emissions by carrying out energy efficiency improvements. It has increased the cash-back available on some Green Deal measures: • Up to £4,000 is now available for solid wall insulation, up from £650 • […]

Energy saving measures boost house prices

We have always advocated the principle that the property market will eventually recognise the value that should be added to property by carrying out energy efficiency measures. Now, there is hard evidence from DECC that this is happening…… 17 June 2013 – DECC PRESS NOTICE Making energy saving improvements to your property could increase its […]


Just watched an interview with the Head of Ofgen – Alastair Buchanan. Closure of old powerstations this year will result in danger of not meeting energy demand and the need to import more energy will increase household energy costs by an average of £100 pa. WRONG!!!!! Instead of increasing supply and cost, why not reduce demand!!  Green […]


01/02/13 – Interesting to note the Stock Exchange is in buoyant mood. May be it has something to do with the Green Deal and the massive amount of spend it is going to generate and jobs it will create? Shares in Synergy are now worth 100s of times more than their initial price – long may this […]