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Building Control require Energy Assessments for New Build

Don’t get caught out and end up spending more than you need to
If you are involved in new-build, conversion and some types of refurbishment and extension projects, in the domestic or commercial sectors, you should be aware of the need to submit satisfactory energy assessments as part of the Building Regulation Approval process.

Energy Assessment in the UK must be carried out using a Government approved methodology devised by the Building Research Establishment:

• SAP is the standard for housing.
• SBEM is the standard for non-domestic properties.

Synergy Property Services carry out both types of Energy Assessments from drawings supplied; we identify any problems with the design and offer practical, cost effective solutions for reducing energy consumption and improving the energy efficiency of the build.

Building Control Officers require Energy Assessments as part of a Building Regulations Application. We do however still get requests for finished buildings where the Energy Assessment has been overlooked or that fail Part L of the Regulations, resulting in the need for expensive remedial works and delays that were avoidable before the start was made on site. Design Stage Energy Assessments should be carried out to avoid this situation; energy improvements identified at this Stage to ensure compliance cost less if included as part of the building works and avoid additional costs later.

The target carbon emissions reduced AGAIN 
The next edition of the Building Regulations Part L (2020), is likely to be another step change from previous versions. It is likely to require further reductions in carbon emissions, and much more exacting standards of specification and build quality to achieve this.

‘Standard’ house designs and specifications need a detailed review and amendment – don’t get caught – Synergy Property Services Ltd can help you now and stay on programme and ahead of your competition. Meeting the new Regulations can be painful, but we have the paracetamol!

From our base in Milton Keynes, we have carried out new build Energy Assessments on properties from Yeovil to Newcastle and have clients across the whole of the UK who have adopted our recommendations for creating developments that not only meet the requirements of Building Regulations Part L but also create energy efficient buildings for the future. We are happy to advise you on the current property and energy legislation including Part L regulations. For more information, please call 01908 664040, email us, or complete our simple enquiry form.



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