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Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

At Synergy Property Services Ltd – we use our energy to save yours!
With almost 40 years experience of non-domestic and commercial property covering all types and age of building and many different construction techniques, our Energy Assessors deliver a competitive, speedy and accurate service. Commercial buildings are responsible for over 20% of the UK’s CO2 emissions. All European Governments are committed to reducing CO2 emissions under the Kyoto protocol. Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are a vital part of a worldwide strategy for achieving this.

A Commercial EPC provides an energy rating for a building which details both the current and potential energy performance of the building and its services. The energy rating given on the EPC reflects the intrinsic energy performance standard of the building on a simple scale that can then be used to make comparisons with other properties.

Our Commercial EPCs include a Recommendations Report which provides you with recommendations on how the energy performance of your building could be enhanced and how CO2 emissions could be reduced; this includes an indication of the payback period on all recommended works.

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